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Each session is 80 minutes and contains a mix of theory, examples, stories and breakout rooms for discussions, sharing and exercises.

A subscription lasts one year.

Jimmy Janlén is a renowned speaker and teacher. As an agile coach he has an unique experience from helping modern agile companies such as Spotify, Kry/Livi and Tibber discover how to make agile work at scale, beyond the agile transformation journey. But he also have experience from large scale agile transformations.

View the schedule of upcoming topics (and past sessions) here.

What you get out from these sessions

🌟 Continuous inspiration boost and knowledge injection into your company’s agile journey and your personal development.

🌟 Deep dives into all important aspects of shaping an agile way of working and building an environment and culture that enable autonomous product teams at scale.

🌟 Expansive toolbox of techniques, practices, patterns, scaling frameworks and habits, workshop formats, visualizations, teamwork skills and leadership practices and more.

🌟 Unique insights from modern agile companies such as Spotify, Tibber and Kry/Livi and many more.

When:The 2nd Wednesday every month at 15:00 – 16:20 (CEST)
(except January, July and August).
Topics: The topics for the next 6 sessions can be found here.
Upcoming topics decided through voting.
How:Remote over Zoom with breakout rooms for discussions.
Google Slides and Mural for collaborative exercises.

As a subscriber to the program you can register for upcoming sessions. View recordings of all previous sessions. Engage in follow up conversations in the Discord community. And influence the order of upcoming topics. From each session you will also get suggestions for exercises and workshops to conduct back home with your colleagues or your team.

A subscription lasts one year.

Example topics:

  • Traits of an Agile Culture
  • Organisational Alignment, Sync and Coordination
  • Scrum vs Kanban – The pragmatic approach
  • Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Decision-Making techniques

Schedule and Session Topics

Click here to see the topics for the next six sessions, a list of already covered topics and examples of upcoming sessions.

Personal subscription
You and a friend can join the sessions. You may bring a different friend for each session. – Price: 950€.

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Small group: 3 tickets/session – Price: 1900€
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