Booster Program Sessions

Join the program for a monthly deep dive into agile practices, leadership, culture, frameworks, teamwork, product development, facilitation and visualisation.

Each session contains theory, examples, stories and breakout room discussions, sharing and exercises.

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Next 6 Sessions

📆 September 13th 2023 – Traits of an Agile Culture

📆 October 11th 2023 – Building and Bootstrapping high-performing teams

📆 November 8th 2023 – The core beliefs of agile and the fundamentals of an agile approach to work

📆 December 13th 2023 – The Groan Zone – Navigation & Facilitation

📆 February 14th 2023 – Organisational Alignment, Sync and Coordination

📆 March 13th 2023 – Scrum vs Kanban – The pragmatic approach

Previous Sessions

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Upcoming Sessions

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The list below exemplifies possible topics for the future.

The topics can be excerpts from courses or trainings, deep dives into topics covered in my YouTube video, experiences and learnings from my engagements as an agile coach, or something else I’m passionate about.

  • Tips to facilitate better workshops
  • Team Autonomy, Alignment and Boundaries
  • The importance of Psychological Safety
  • Practising the Coaching Stance
  • Become a better meeting participant and contributor
  • Alternatives for estimations and forecasts
  • Recognizing Waste
  • Modern Servant Leadership
  • Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Organisational Alignment, Sync and Coordination
  • How to shape and influence Culture
  • Visualisations for the Team
  • Visualisations for an Organisation
  • Training effectively
  • Team Success Factors
  • Challenges with Rapid Scaling
  • The Spotify Model “Under the hood”
  • How to enable Innovation and Experimentation
  • Decision-Making techniques
  • Iterative Incremental Development
  • The Responsibility Process
  • Remote Energizers and IceBreakers
  • Facilitate Effective (and engaging) Retrospectives
  • Communicating effectively
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Leading through change
  • The Leader as a carrier of Culture
  • OKRs (and Spotify’s OKR Journey)
  • Knowledge sharing and mastery through chapters, community of practices and guilds
  • Leadership and remote teams