– Inhouse Courses ?

General info:

  • Courses and seminars are offered remotely through zoom and digital collaboration tools.
  • If nothing else is stated the courses are designed for 8 to 20 participants.
  • Seminars can be held for a much wider audience.

Fore more details on content, don’t hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn or through this contact form here.

Mastering Workshop Facilitation (2 days course)

Expand your workshop toolbox and sharpen your facilitation skills. Learn how to engage the room and help the group reach strong decisions, regardless of if you are meeting face to face or remotely over video.

Active Agile Leadership Program (8+ half days training programs)

To strengthen your skills, capabilities and ability to lead, guide and support your department or area, while empowering people and teams to be autonomous. And to build a learning community with other leaders.

Agile Deep Dive for Teams (2 day course)

Recap and deep dive of Agile & Scrum. Theory mixed with discussions and hands-on practical exercises for the agile team. For one to four teams.

Agile Culture (1 day course)

Boost change beyond scrum and the team with a culture that enables teams and people to flourish. During this one day course we explore how we as leaders can shape our environment into one that enables teams and people to thrive and accomplish great things.

Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify (2 day course)

Gain a deep and wide knowledge of how Spotify works under the hood. With this deeper understanding you will be able to see more options on how to improve your organisational design with regards to your context and boundaries.

Team Excellence through Visualization (1 day course)

Amazing teams visualize their work. Learn how to use whiteboards and Post-its to create a shared view of your vision, plan, ongoing work, improvements and agreements that enables efficient collaboration and drives change.

The Promise of Agile (½ day seminar)

Seminar with discussions for a wider audience. 

Challenges with Rapid Scaling (½ day seminar)

Seminar with discussions for a wider audience. What challenges do one face on the journey from a start-up, through scale-up and beyond. How do we move from short-term to long-term perspectives and how do we build a supportive structure and culture that enables and empowers our autonomous teams?

Personal Productivity & Sanity @ Home (2 hour seminar)

Seminar with discussions. How do we create focus and a good balance when working from home? Concrete practises and advice around personal productivity as well as time management skills and traps we easily fall into. Discussions on how to stay sane when working from home, creating a dynamic balance and the need for self-leadership. 

The Powers & Pains of Autonomy (2 hour seminar)

Seminar with discussions. Moderna organisations are convinced that autonomous empowered teams are one of the core concepts of agile and key to speed, innovation and success. How can we define autonomy in the context of a team? Which are the promised benefits? Common challenges, fears and pains. What new expectations are put onto the team? Furthermore, what do the wider organisation and leadership need to do (or change) in order to leverage and unleash the power of autonomy.