Jimmy Cards – Red, Black and Blue deck (Print it yourself)


This is not a book. It’s three deck of cards that you print yourslef.

Jimmy Cards are a set of cards with different questions. There are no right or wrong answers, instead the questions are designed to inspire discussions within the team. They can be used as an ice-breakers for a new team or on retrospectives as discussion topics. Each deck consists of 51 questions (and four other cards).

The Red deck is perfect for building strong teams. Try the Black deck if you’re a mature team that has been working together for quite some time. The Blue deck is designed to trigger good discussion within a group of managers and leaders.

Here follows some quotes from people who have tried them:

  • “Thank you so much for creating this. You have improved our scrum member introspection process tremendously.”
  • “I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my scrum team loves the Jimmy cards and how we are desperate for more. Three times a week, following our daily scrum, we meet in the kitchen for some coffee, fika, and a round of cards.”
  • “Used the cards today for the first time in our fairly new team. We got some really interesting discussions and a few laughs too. Thanks Jimmy! Will use them again!”
  • “I used your cards to stir things up and steer conversation to highlight practices that were deteriorating as well as calling out some niggling concerns people have has but have not yet reached a stage where they felt they should be known. The Jimmy cards session help raise these issues earlier and they were addressed earlier. The team felt that they were so useful they suggested that we have a short session with the cards at each retrospective (this ended up being to frequent so we now do it every 4 weeks or two iterations)”


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