AMA – Send me your questions

Ask Me Anything – Do you have a question that you would like me to reply to in a AMA video? Please record yourself and send me your question and I will adress it in an upcoming AMA episode on my YouTube show. If you wonder about something, you can safely assume plenty of others are thinking about the same thing.

Watch the video to the right if you want to listen to me talking about the AMA format.

Simply record a 1-2 minute video of yourself (landscape mode) asking your question. Upload your video to some kind of filesharing platform (such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) and then send me a private message on LinkedIn.

For more tips and advince read below.

Step 1 – Formlute your question

First, formulate your question.

It can be a theoretical question about agile.
A practical advice you would like on Scrum or Kanban.
Perhaps you are looking for advice on team autonomy, visualization, scaling agile or leadership.
Maybe you have a challenge you would like to hear my take on.
Perhaps you have a question regarding a previous YouTube eposide or about a blog I’ve written.

If you ask a clear specific question, it will help me shape a concrete reply.

If you choose a broad topic, you will probably get a broad and abstract reply from me.

Nomatter the question, I wil do my best to share my thoughts, opinions and advice.

Step 2 – Record yourself

Time to record yourself.

Find yourself a nice place with a nice background and minimal background audio noice. Make sure you have the bright window in front of you, not behind you. Perhaps even setup some extra light on your face.

Grab your mobile phone. Twist it to landscape mode (i.e. tilt it on the side). Configure it to record in the format 16:9 with as high resolution as possible.

Either you raise your arm in front of you, or you place the mobile phone so it’s on the same height as your eyes.

And then record yourself 🙂

Keep it short. Preferable 1-2 minutes. If it’s longer, I might edit it down in length.

Double check the recording. Is audio good? Are you happy with your framing in the picture?
If not, perhaps consider one more take…

Step 3 – Share it with me

Upload your video (preferable .mp4 format) to some kind of filesharing platform such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Write me a personal mail on LinkedIn. Present yourself, and provide me an download-link to your video.


I can’t garantee that all video questions will be on the show, especially if I find myself overwhelmed with request. But I will do my very best to show gratitude towards all of you who take the time to record and send me questions.

I will of course choose to not reply to or publish any inapropriate videos. But I assume that goes without saying.

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