I offer public courses that you sign up and register for. See whole list of courses here, or scroll down for a list of upcoming events.

    In addition, I also offer courses inhouse for your organisation. They can be held on-site or off-site, or remotely via video and online collaboration tools.

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    12th September 2022 – Remote
    Agile Culture (In English)
    13 – 14 October 2022 – Stockholm
    Mastering Workshop Facilitation (In English)
    2nd December 2022 – Remote
    Agile Culture (In English)
    26 – 27 Januari 2023 – Stockholm
    Mastering Workshop Facilitation (In English)

    Agile Coaching

    I coach, support and help leadership and teams in their efforts to figure out how to adopt and apply the agile approach to work and life in their context and with their people. My hopes are that this creates a better and healthier workplace that enables people and teams to be awesome and effectively deliver more value to their users and stakeholders.

    As a coach, I can teach agile methodologies, facilitate team workshops, coach leaders and leadership teams, support transformational efforts, help design cross-team and cross-organisational structures and habits that enable and support autonomous teams while providing cross-company alignment of priorities. Through courses, seminars and workshop, I can help inspire and challenge to change. And much more…


    Head over to YouTube to see the latest videos, as well as all previously uploaded. Enjoy!

    My amibtion is to upload one video every week.


    If you are looking for a great inspirational speaker for your conferense, your team or your organisation – don’t hesitate to contact me. Examples of previous topics are:

    – Flow through Visualization
    – Pains of Autonomy and why we love it
    – Team Success Factors
    – Evolutionary vs Revolutionary
    – Demystifying Agile
    – Networked Autonomy at Spotify

    Latest from the Blog

    Remote Working & Meetings – A compilation of tips and advice

    Are you, as many others looking, for advice and tips for remote working and meetings? You’re not alone. At KRY / LIVI, me and Anders Ivarsson, compiled a list of tips and advice on how to make the most of remote collaboration and working from home. We suspect many are looking for similar advice and guidelines, that’s…

    Make OKRs and Forecasts come alive!

    Rigid detailed long-term plans, where progress is tracked based on consumed budgets, are in agile organizations quickly becoming a fading nostalgic memory of the past. They are replaced by forecasts and non-static roadmaps. Gather regularly in front of these visualizations and you will enable learning, sharing and trigger important conversations, resolve dependencies and invite to…

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