Efficient Remote Meetings & Collaboration

Learn how to host efficient and engaging remote meetings. When working with remote team members, or if current circumstances dictate you to work from home, the skills of facilitating valuable and meaningful meetings online might be vital for the success of your team or your company.

During this training, which itself is given online, you will learn how to facilitate remote meetings with high presence, engagement and that result in concrete outcomes. You will learn, and get to practice tools, skills, a variety of workshop formats, techniques and tips that will improve your online collaboration with your colleagues and team members.

After the training you will be able to apply what you’ve learned…

– as the moderator in the short sync meeting
– as a facilitator of a workshop or planning exercise
– as a facilitator of a retrospective
– as a host of a wider company presentation

Topics covered during the training…

  • Different online collaboration tools and when they are useful
  • Tips and techniques applicable when moderating short small meetings
  • Tips and techniques applicable when facilitating team workshops 
  • Tips and techniques applicable when hosting presentations for a wider audience
  • How to facilitate engaging meetings with remote participants
  • How to prepare before the workshop
  • How to work with structure and clarity to raise focus
  • How to launch and frame the meeting to increase presence and engagement
  • Different workshop formats that are suitable for online collaboration
  • Different methods and techniques for decision making
  • Closure of meetings to maximize commitment and clarity on what happens next

Objective and goal

The goal of the education is to provide you with tools, tips, techniques and skills that will help you host more engaging and more focused online meetings and collaborative workshops. You will be able to apply what you learn in different situations, such as department town halls, sync meetings, creative workshops, planning sessions, retrospectives and training sessions.  

What do others have to say about the course?

Here are some examples of quotes from previous trainings:

  • Great summary of tools and techniques for workshops.
  • I really appreciated jumping between topics and tools, and doing exercises in small breakout teams.
  • Brave to run a full day remote course on workshopping. And it turned out great! I’m really impressed.
  • Awesome job! Being able to share this much content and still have engagement is a feat.

This training is for you whom…

Work with remote team members (if current circumstances dictate you to work from home) and want to learn how to raise engagement, focus and structure into the video meetings you host or facilitate.You may have a role as Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Product Owner or Educator.  

Prior Knowledge & Prerequisites

No prior knowledge
There are some technical requirements for this course, for example a really good and stable internet connection. You might also need to create some accounts (these will be free of cost) in order to view the video streaming and for participation in different exercises that use different online collaboration tools. More info will follow in an email once you’ve registered and as we get closer to the training.