Team Excellence through Visualization

Amazing teams visualize their work. Learn how to use whiteboards and Post-its to create a shared view of your vision, plan, ongoing work, improvements and agreements that enables efficient collaboration and drives change.

This training will help you develop far beyond the basic “To Do, Doing, Done”. You will learn tips, techniques and tools that will enable increased transparency, encourage collaboration, increased engagement, drive new habits and raise productivity in the team.

The course is practical and interactive and contains plenty of exercises and discussions. The content is adapted according to the questions and knowledge of the participants.

During the training we will cover visualization…

  • as a tool to shape habits and behaviours
  • of workflows in order to reveal problems and bottlenecks
  • of organisation, roadmaps and long-term plans
  • that help multiple teams coordinate and collaborate
  • as a tool for driving improvements over time
  • that clarifies common goals
  • of recurring work and tasks
  • tips and tricks for the team’s Scrum/Kanban board
  • How great visualizations can raise engagement and motivation
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes

Objective and goal

The goal of the training is to inspire how you as a leader, scrum master or agile coach, can increase collaboration, dialog and engagement through visualizing processes, work and improvement efforts with whiteboards and Post-its.

What do others have to say about the course?

Here are some examples of quotes from previous trainings:

  • One of the best trainings I’ve attended! Lots of breaks. Plenty of examples. Creative exercises. Sharing of personal experience.
  • Great compilation of possible visualizations.
  • Tons of examples from reality. Thank you!
  • High pace and nice variation between content, discussions and exercises.

This training is for you whom…

Work with change, project management, coordination, leads organisations or is a leader that supports teams, is a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Product Owner.

Prior Knowledge