On this page I try to answer some of the most common questions I receive. If my replies don’t make you any wiser, or if you have any other question, please feel free to contact me.

I would love to present something or be a guest, on your YouTube channel. How do I proceed?Participation on my YouTube channel is by personal invitation only. Furthermore, I will politely reject all requests where the purpose of the participation is to market any kind of service, product or company.
Can my company sponsor an episode of your YouTube channel?Would love it! What I can offer is to mention that your company is the sponsor of the episode, alongside showing your company logotype. Please contact me so we can start a dialog.
Can I pay for promotional content/affiliate marketing on your YouTube channel? As of now, I don’t offer in-video promotional content. This might change in the future.
What equipment do you use for shooting your videos?Camera and Microphone (for YouTube recording)
– Camera: Canon EOS 90D (with EF-S 18-135/3,5-5,6 IS USM + EF 50mm f/1,8 STM)
– Microphone: RØDE VideoMic Pro
– Elgato Camlink 4K (to connect camera with PC)

Greenscreen and Lights
– Ceiling mounted green screen backdrop
– To light me: Elgato Key Light Air x 2
– To light greenscreen): Konig Foldable Soft Box KN-STUDIO80

– Corsair One i164 (for video editing and rendering)

– Design: PowerPoint
– Image editing: GIMP
– Drawings: ArtRage Pro and Mischief (using Surface Book 2 and pen)

Video Editing
– Video editor: Adobe Premiere Pro
– Monogram Console (for Adobe Premiere Pro editing)

YouTube Recording
– OBS Studio (for compositing camera and graphics)
– Stream Deck (to swap scenes in OBS Studio)

Recording video meetings
– Microsoft Surface Book 2
– Built in laptop camera
– For recording video with guests: StreamYard
– Microphone (for video meetings): Blue Microphones Yeti USB-stereo microphone
I love your illustrations! May I use them in my blog/training/book?You may use one or two illustrations for free as long as you offer due credit (my name and a link to this site). If you want to use more than a few illustrations, I tend to decline since my drawings are part of my personal brand. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Do you offer a fee to use your amazing Lean-Agile images?No. Same answer as above.
Are you interested in a full-time employment?I’m currently very content being an independant freelance consultant and I’m not looking for any kind of full-time employment. If you would like to know what I can offer as a consultant or as a teacher, please contact me.
I would like to offer my help to translate one of your books! Would you be interested? Yes! I would love help with translations. My offer is simple. Once you’re done with the translation you ask four peers to proof-read it. You read and act on their feedback. I then publish a digital version here in my shop. We share profit 50/50. Please contact me so that we can start a discussion!
Why do some of your books and products have the Crisp logo on them?I was a member of Crisp for many years and still have some stock of books and cards with the Crisp logotype printed on them. These will gradually be replaced. But don’t worry, the books and cards are as great even though they have an old logo 🙂