Visualization Examples

This book is filled with visualization examples for teams to improve collaboration and communication, as well as shaping behaviors. It is written for people and teams working within an agile software development context.

The pages within only depict examples. Nothing else. No deep theoretical explanations. No explanation of Agile or Scrum. No references to Gamification. No discussion on how the brain interprets visual input or how our behaviors are influenced by visual information. There are other books written on those topics.

The examples in this book might be perceived as if they are the best and only way of doing things. Of course that is not true. The examples are not best practice. They are only suggestions. You need to adapt them to your team’s context and needs.

This book is not intended to be read cover to cover. Browse. Jump back and forth. Pick what you like. Combine the ideas whichever way you find useful. Experiment and evaluate. Evolve or throw away.

Have fun!

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Tomas Rybing
Director, Project Management at Aptilo Networks

“I can truly recommend this book. The format is perfect; focused & really to the point. The book is packed with visualization examples you can start to use today. Jimmy Janlen is THE wizard of visualization!”
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Barry Overeem
Agile Coach & Professional Scrum Trainer, Prowareness

“I highly enjoyed the structure, every page contains a clear visualization and a brief description. No deep theoretical explanations. Only cool visualizations you can immediately use within your own organization. If your an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Kanban Master etc, this is a book you want to look into. For sure it will offer you some inspiration to improve your teams collaboration as well!”
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Fredrik Scheja
Experienced Test Architect and National competence area driver within Test at Sogeti Sweden

“I have this book constantly with me. Actually I have each page laminated in order to make it really workshop-friendly. In my work I focus on test aspects and see it as my responsibility to focus on the information need within each team or organization. In agile development this need gets fulfilled through visualization of valuable information in a transparent way. This book captures what’s important in a complex development landscape, presented in a beautiful way, thank you Jimmy!”

David A Koontz (Amazon review)
More awesome than a trip to LEGO Land.

I found this more interesting than a barrel full of monkeys. Each visualization example is illustrated with a colorful diagram that is worth a thousand words – and sparks the imagination pondering how to use that visualization with your own teams. I tested my enthusiasm by handing this book to another trusted agilist and asking for a full book report in the morning. Since he brought back a glowing report, and I had nothing but awesomeness to report I tested if it will work on a mere mortal…. nothing to report from the mortal. Perhaps it only has magic for the indoctrinated. But that would be OK too. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to make their work and process visible and transparent. Be warned that takes courage. It’s not for the weak of mind and wavering heart.”