I offer public courses that you sign up and register for,
and tailor made inhouse courses for your company.

Public courses are usually held in a venue in Stockholm or conducted remotely via video.
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In addition, when arranging courses inhouse, they can be held on-site or off-site, or remotely via video and online collaboration tools. My existing courses can be adopted and tailor-made according to your needs and context.

For tailor-made courses, workshops or education programs, please contact me.

As a teacher, I structure my trainings to create a high level of engagement and interactivity. I frequently alternate between teaching, discussions, exercises, games and simulations to maximize learning and to help the new knowledge and skills stick beyond the training itself. I have the same approach for remote teaching.

Some courses are offered in collaboration with partners such as Crisp.


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Mastering Workshop Facilitation (2 days)

Expand your workshop toolbox and sharpen your facilitation skills. Learn how to engage the room and help the group reach strong decisions, regardless of if you are meeting face to face or remotely over video.

Agile Culture (1 day)

Boost change beyond scrum and the team with a culture that enables teams and people to flourish. During this one day course we explore how we as leaders can shape our environment into one that enables teams and people to thrive and accomplish great things.

Active Agile Leadership Program (Training Program)

To strengthen your skills, capabilities and ability to lead, guide and support your department or area, while empowering people and teams to be autonomous. And to build a learning community with other leaders. (Only offered inhouse.)

Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify (2 days)

Gain a deep and wide knowledge of how Spotify works under the hood. With this deeper understanding you will be able to see more options on how to improve your organisational design with regards to your context and boundaries.

Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills (1 day)

If you want to engage the whole room you need to master facilitation. Learn tools, skills, a variety of workshop formats, techniques and tips that will help you become a skilled and stronger facilitator.

Team Excellence through Visualization (1 day)

Amazing teams visualize their work. Learn how to use whiteboards and Post-its to create a shared view of your vision, plan, ongoing work, improvements and agreements that enables efficient collaboration and drives change.

Agile Deep Dive for Teams (2 days)

Recap and deep dive of Agile & Scrum. Theroy mixed with exercises and hands-on practical workshops for the agile team. (Only offered inhouse.)

Efficient Remote Meetings & Collaboration (1 day)

Learn how to host and facilitate efficient and engaging remote workshops that result in concrete outcomes.

Graphical Facilitation (1 day)

Come and participate in a course where you get to practice and learn to draw easily and efficiently on a whiteboard with whiteboard pens.

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29 – 30 May 2023 – Stockholm
Mastering Workshop Facilitation (In Swedish)