Decision-Making Principles & Practices

This book contains 27 principles and practices that can help your management and leadership team have more effective meetings with more efficient decision-making. These principles and practices raise the quality of the collaborative dialog, and help the team reach more inclusive decisions that the whole team feel committed to.

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Principles and practices covered in this book:

  • Elect a facilitator
  • Present, Discuss, Improve
  • Fist of five survey
  • Design decisions as experiments
  • DIBB rationale narrative
  • Enough info to proceed to decision?
  • Good Enough for now, safe enough to try?
  • Consent voting
  • The wisdom of an qualified objection
  • Extract and clarify agreements
  • Declare intent and ask for objections
  • Make decisions smaller
  • Delegate decision mandate
  • Clarify status quo
  • When critical, accountable decides
  • Make everyone heard – do rounds
  • Individual thinking, then share
  • Dot-vote priorities
  • Poker voting
  • Collaborative proposals, 1-2-4-All
  • Hand Signals
  • Park for later
  • Timebox
  • Summarize decisions
  • Summarize actions and doers
  • Document and communicate
  • Check-out