Jimmy Cards

Would you like to try out a tool that has the power to ignite exciting discussions that challenge the team and that possibly inspire to new improvement actions? Then you should try out the Jimmy Cards! So, what is “Jimmy Cards”? Simply put it, it’s a deck of questions that triggers exciting discussions and that challenges the agile team.

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Visualization Examples

This book is filled with visualization examples for teams to improve collaboration and communication, as well as shaping behaviours. It is written for people and teams working in an agile software development context.

Read a blog about How I wrote a book publicly online.

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Agile Thingys

Inforgraphic posters on various agile topics. Published on LinkedIn as a mini-blog experiemnt.

Decision-Making Principles & Practices

This book contains 27 principles and practices that can help your management and leadership team have more effective meetings with a more efficient decision-making. These principles and practices raise the quality of the collaborative dialog, and help the team reach more inclusive decisions that the whole team feel committed to.

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Clarity Cards

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Leadership Health Check

The Leadership Health Check is a retrospectives format and a self-evaluation workshop. It will help you become stronger as a management team and reveal improvement opportunities for how you, as a team of active servant leaders, better can enable the agile teams you support.

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Team Health Check

The Team Health Check is a retrospectives format and a self-evaluation workshop. It is inspired by Spotify’s Squad Health Check. Through my work with other clients I have further developed it and made it more generic, incorporating ideas and research from many agile thought leaders.

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or download the Team Health Check here.

Agile Topics Deck of Cards

Simple conversation cards on various topics. Each card represents an agile practice, a conversation topic or an abstract theory.

The cards come in three different flavours:

  • Green – Practices, techniques and tools
  • Blue – Topics for discussions
  • Red – Abstract models and theories

The Agile Pill

Through the years, me and my friends at Crisp, have repeatedly been confronted with the question “How can I become Agile?”. We have checked with other coaches as well and they all gave us the same picture. People want to become agile and they want it now. It has become obvious to us that there is a need for a quick fix. Hence the Agile Pill.

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LEGO Posters (Something Agile Lean Something)

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Concept Cubes

Concept Cubes is a simple tool that unleashes people’s creativity. You can create a teaching cube, a documentation cube, a product vision cube, or anything else! Try it out and pick up a cube, you’ll be surprised with the results.


Jennie Discovers!

Jennie Discovers is a small 24 page book in comic format about working Agile and Lean.

It’s a story of product discovery, the journey from first idea to continuously releasing and updating a product or service.

This book is written for product owners, requirements analysts, and project, purchasing, and line managers.

Concepts covered: Hypothesis, MVP, Lean Startup, Pivoting, User stories and Iterative Incremental development.

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