Jimmy Janlén

I coach, support and help leadership and teams in their efforts to figure out how to adopt and apply the agile approach to work and life in their context and with their people. My hopes are that this creates a better and healthier workplace that enables people and teams to be awesome and effectively deliver more value to their users and stakeholders.

In addition to coaching, I teach courses, facilitate workshops, run seminars, write books, blogs and create videos on all things agile and lean such as agile leadership, agile adaptations, large scale agile, team dynamics, facilitation and visualization.

I’m an independant freelance consultant with my base in Stockholm Sweden.

I sometime refer to myself as a bureaucracy therapist, cultural acupuncture, cross-company pollinator and visualization magician.

“I’ve seen deeply dysfunctional organizations, as well as truly agile, lean, big, organic and team oriented organizations. Based on these experiences I understand that agile is a big experiment and in some people’s mind still is an unproven hypothesis. But as long as there are people who believe in top-down management, long term planning, that there is a ”best” way of doing things and that continuous learning costs too much – I believes there is still room for improvement in the world.”

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Jimmy is genuinely a pleasure to work with, other then his unique ability to deconstruct seemingly complex challenges into simple digestible opportunities.He has also mastered the art of facilitation and is able to quickly identify discussions straying away from the intended agenda or trending towards the GROAN Zone and able to quickly shift back focus to the challenge at hand. Jimmy is not only a great agile coach but a great mentor who is eager to share, debate and challenge your thinking enabling you to grow professionally.
– Clint Cristi, Casumo (Strategy Business Development )

Jimmy is a 1 in a million kind of guy. Jimmy’s positive, smiling, energetic attitude can make any group of grumpy engineers come along for a ride on the Jimmy express. You can’t /not/ want to hear or do something Jimmy has to say. Why? Besides the previously mentioned points, Jimmy is very knowledgeable on Agile theory and practices, not in a boring textbook lecture kind of way, but in a ‘hey, try this thing out and it will be fun’ kind of way. I had the pleasure of working with Jimmy on the ambitious goal of taking all of Spotify’s distributed Desktop engineers and bringing them together into one huge (23 person) team in order to breathe new life back into Spotify’s desktop client. With Jimmy’s help, we created a well oiled team that could adapt to new circumstances, deliver value often and share knowledge. He’s not afraid to challenge leaders or coach junior engineers. I’ve never met someone that doesn’t like Jimmy, or doesn’t believe that he adds value and for an Agile Coach, that’s super rare. It was an absolute pleasure working with Jimmy in our time together at Spotify and I’d jump at the opportunity to work together again. He’s a hugely knowledgeable, experienced, fun, kind individual that loves to help you improve by jumping in the trenches and getting his hands dirty, with you. Thanks for everything Jimmy 🙂
– Brendan Marsh, Spotify (Procuct Owner)

It’s been a privilege to work with Jimmy. Through my 17 months at QuizUp / Plain Vanilla Games, we’ve grown from being a 20-25 people company into becoming more than 85. And growing this fast ain’t easy. We’ve gone through tremendous change in this time and since Jimmy joined us around 8 months ago, he’s played an instrumental role in shaping the organization. He has helped us grow personally as leaders and co-workers, as well as a company as a whole. He somehow always asks the right questions and is one of the greatest facilitators I’ve seen in action.
– Gudfinnur Sveinsson, Agile Coach (QuizUp)

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